Stand-Up Comedy

Ryan Lowe is the idiot-savant of comedy. His comedy is ridiculously brilliant.

With his uniquely deadpan delivery, Ryan Lowe has perfected the awkward silence as an art form. He has been performing comedy for six years in dozens of venues throughout the Midwest. Always an audience favorite, Ryan Lowe is guaranteed to be highly entertaining and very likely to leave spectators feeling the mental equivalent of walking around all day with their underpants on backwards.

Ryan presented the debut of his comedy special, Inner Conflict, in 2012. This year, he released Moby Dick, a feature-length film with an all-puppet cast. 

Upcoming Shows

Village idiot savant

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Lone Wolf Entertainment

Friday // September 20

Cactus Club- Milwaukee

9:30 pm

Saturday // September 21

Milton, WI


Friday // September 27
Unnamed Comedy Show???

Down and Over- Milwaukee

8:30 pm


Saturday // September 28
Karma Bar & Grill- Milwaukee

Cast of Killers- Battle Royale 3


Friday // October 25
Waupun, WI

Saturday // October 26
Circle A- Milwaukee, WI

Halloween Show